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# @version 0.2.16
@title Vesting Escrow Factory
@author Curve Finance, Yearn Finance
@license MIT
@notice Stores and distributes ERC20 tokens by deploying `VestingEscrowSimple` contracts

from vyper.interfaces import ERC20

interface VestingEscrowSimple:
    def initialize(
        admin: address,
        token: address,
        recipient: address,
        amount: uint256,
        start_time: uint256,
        end_time: uint256,
        cliff_length: uint256,
    ) -> bool: nonpayable

event VestingEscrowCreated:
    funder: indexed(address)
    token: indexed(address)
    recipient: indexed(address)
    escrow: address
    amount: uint256
    vesting_start: uint256
    vesting_duration: uint256
    cliff_length: uint256

target: public(address)
escrows_length: public(uint256)
escrows: public(address[1000000000000])

def __init__(target: address):
    @notice Contract constructor
    @dev Prior to deployment you must deploy one copy of `VestingEscrowSimple` which
         is used as a library for vesting contracts deployed by this factory
    @param target `VestingEscrowSimple` contract address
    """ = target

def deploy_vesting_contract(
    token: address,
    recipient: address,
    amount: uint256,
    vesting_duration: uint256,
    vesting_start: uint256 = block.timestamp,
    cliff_length: uint256 = 0,
) -> address:
    @notice Deploy a new vesting contract
    @param token Address of the ERC20 token being distributed
    @param recipient Address to vest tokens for
    @param amount Amount of tokens being vested for `recipient`
    @param vesting_duration Time period over which tokens are released
    @param vesting_start Epoch time when tokens begin to vest
    assert cliff_length <= vesting_duration  # dev: incorrect vesting cliff
    assert vesting_duration > 0  # dev: duration must be > 0
    escrow: address = create_forwarder_to(
    assert ERC20(token).transferFrom(msg.sender, self, amount)  # dev: funding failed
    assert ERC20(token).approve(escrow, amount)  # dev: approve failed
        vesting_start + vesting_duration,
    self.escrows[self.escrows_length] = escrow
    self.escrows_length += 1
    log VestingEscrowCreated(msg.sender, token, recipient, escrow, amount, vesting_start, vesting_duration, cliff_length)
    return escrow

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