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Premia is a decentralized options market based on a pool-to-peer architecture.

A total of 16 accounts found

Address Name Tag Balance TxCount
0x32248ec445d3c72b42f16b040e55bcd5cf5a8712Premia: Fee Collector Implementation0 ETH1
0x7bf2392bd078c8353069cffeacc67c094079be23Premia: Fee Collector Proxy0 ETH7
0x7fa86681a7c19416950bae6c04a5116f3b07116dPremia: Fee Discount L20 ETH8
0xf92b8ad7a62437142c4bf87d91e2be0fe1f44e9fPremia: IVOL Oracle Implementation0 ETH1
0xc4b2c51f969e0713e799de73b7f130fb7bb604cfPremia: IVOL Oracle Proxy0 ETH16,029
0xf87ca9eb60c2e40a6c5ab14ca291934a95f845ffPremia: LINK Pool0 ETH4,288
0xbc3c01d954282eed8433da4359c1ac1443a7d09aPremia: Mining Proxy0 ETH1,249
Sum of 7 Accounts0 ETH20,334

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