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Livepeer develops and operates a platform for decentralized live video broadcast on the Internet.

A total of 20 accounts found

Address Name Tag Balance TxCount
0xd8e8328501e9645d16cf49539efc04f734606ee4Livepeer: Controller0 ETH18
0xfdb06109032ad3671a8f14f5f2e78f4b9e81b567Livepeer: Delegator Pool0 ETH1
0xd9ded6f9959176f0a04dcf88a0d2306178a736a6Livepeer: Governor0 ETH21
0xd78b6bd09cd28a83cfb21afa0da95c685a6bb0b1Livepeer: L2 LPT Data Cache0 ETH8
0x6d2457a4ad276000a615295f7a80f79e48ccd318Livepeer: L2 LPT Gateway0 ETH1,981
0x289ba1701c2f088cf0faf8b3705246331cb8a839Livepeer: LPT Token0 ETH14,326
0x10736fface687658f88a46d042631d182c7757f7Livepeer: Merkle Snapshot0 ETH1
Sum of 7 Accounts0 ETH16,355

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