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Jones DAO is a yield, strategy, and liquidity protocol for options, with vaults that enable access to options strategies while unlocking liquidity and capital efficiency for DeFi options with yield-bearing options-backed asset tokens.

A total of 22 accounts found

Address Name Tag Balance TxCount
0x5444c71cdd5ed85b6d51a297175bf71914e7944dJones DAO: Airdrop0 ETH606
0xdd0556ddcfe7cdab3540e7f09cb366f498d90774Jones DAO: Asset Management Multisig0.01 ETH325
0xba3386d94fc593a1e9a5b57ff02524396080f7b4Jones DAO: DPX Vault0 ETH587
0x6be861aa87009331bf62e22d418ab666e88b1354Jones DAO: ETH Vault0 ETH575
0x9a62e407028961eac4538453cb5d97038b69c814Jones DAO: gOHM Vault0 ETH318
0x39c1442223a30e14066302b2c80aa660ab007ddbJones DAO: Guarded Launch Epoch Claim1.00911992 ETH58
0xf018865b26ffab9cd1735dcca549d95b0cb9ea19Jones DAO: jDPX Token0 ETH645
Sum of 7 Accounts1.01911992 ETH2,469

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