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CAP is a free, decentralized trading protocol. It's designed to be fast and easy to use by anyone.

AddressName Tag Balance Txn Count
0xc8cdd2ea6a5149ced1f2d225d16a775ee081c67dCAP Finance: CAP Pool0 ETH4,285
0x1e91f67a5aa0137ad86eebad64e2c2a1b6ae30e5CAP Finance: CAP Rewards ETH2.02581816 ETH1,338
0xceffac2522b837012b576770b6f5dd75a3f75c38CAP Finance: CAP Rewards USDC0 ETH1,057
0x59ee12714dfcfc300344f0256a4308c1c48e56edCAP Finance: Deployer1.72421491 ETH462
0xe0ccd451bb57851c1b2172c07d8b4a7c6952a54eCAP Finance: ETH Pool49.92237674 ETH10,635
0x29163356bbaf0a3bfee9ba5a52a5c6463114cb5fCAP Finance: ETH Rewards Pool3.79009636 ETH4,121
0xe195a15533c01c8cd6b28f09066842486f80f8f2CAP Finance: Oracle0 ETH183,684

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