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A gateway connecting one network to another.

A total of 14 accounts found

Address Name Tag Balance TxCount
0xd8c6dd978a3768f7ddfe3a9aad2c3fd75fa9b6fdAcross Protocol: Deposit Box0 ETH12,457
0x467194771dae2967aef3ecbedd3bf9a310c76c65Arbitrum One: L2 DAI Gateway0 ETH2,806
0x09e9222e96e7b4ae2a407b98d48e330053351eeeArbitrum One: L2 ERC20 Gateway0 ETH21,366
0x5288c571fd7ad117bea99bf60fe0846c4e84f933Arbitrum One: L2 Gateway Router0 ETH15,753
0x6c411ad3e74de3e7bd422b94a27770f5b86c623bArbitrum One: L2 WETH Gateway0 ETH3,574
0x1619de6b6b20ed217a58d00f37b9d47c7663fecaCeler Network: cBridge0 ETH111,833
0xdd90e5e87a2081dcf0391920868ebc2ffb81a1afCeler Network: cBridge 2.00.1 ETH2,894
Sum of 7 Accounts0 ETH167,789

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